Nazeera is not afraid to stand for economic growth, health and wellness, safe traveling, safe neighborhoods, transparency and opportunities for our young people.   Throughout her life, she has always stood on her values and beliefs even if it meant going against the status quo. In the past, she has volunteered her time for issues such as health, liberty, education, empowerment and economic growth.

Many of her thoughts about economics, health, opportunity and justice are based upon the lessons she learned early in life.  These lessons have become her guiding principles when she is challenged with the difficult crossroads in life.   Her family emphasized healthy living by giving her an environment that was full of great food, many positive experiences and a belief that hard work produces a great return on investment.   Her father was her first and wisest economics teacher because he was a brilliant investor, thrifty saver and wise financial officer for their family.  He was able to raise entire family of six with a modest income.   Her mother and father both believed in investing in education, human capital and economic growth. These principles and values helped shape her desire for continuous personal and professional growth.