Dr. Nazeera Dawood is a leader that has lived her life creating healthier communities, economies and giving individuals the knowledge to believe in their personal power to pursue all of their professional and personal ambitions. She came from a family background where the pursuit of knowledge and education was highly valued. Ironically, in her orthodox community, women and higher education were not compatible and did not go together. Women in her community have always been told that females belong in the kitchen cooking, cleaning and serving others. Her mother, who had not studied past the 5th grade, would always give her the inspiration and the motivation to study further.



  • She is responsible for securing $9,000,000 project funding for a period of three years. Dr. Dawood currently serves as a board member in the South Asian Public Health Association (SAPHA), National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF) Atlanta Chapter & Georgia Alliance for Health Literacy.

  • Under Dr. Dawood’s leadership, the collaborative partnerships have grown to over 400 businesses, organization and individuals through the six health promotion coalitions including the Interfaith Coalition which was formed to address major chronic diseases in Fulton County.

  • She worked as a research project scientist /manager at Emory University for over 5 years. She served on the President’s Commission on Race and Ethnicity, Transforming the Community Project at Emory University

  • Nazeera received her medical doctor degree from Bangalore University in India and master’s degree in public health from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


Nazeera is like you. Her life has been filled with challenges, victories, disappointments, happiness and struggles but just like you she bounces back. We live in America, a country of opportunity and freedom.