Why ?

At the age of six, Nazeera made an announcement to her mother.  She stood up and confidently told her and her family that she wanted to become a physician and dedicate a portion of her life to building a world that created opportunities for all children and families regardless of their background.  After she made that statement of service to her mother, she began working to receive my medical degree as an adult. 

People First

Now, she would like to serve the communities as a voice of the people, concerned about quality of life, economic development, job creation, safer automobile travel and educating our young people. Her strength as a leader is grounded in a genuine belief that our constitution gives the power of the government to the people.  The communities across the world own the government and hire the policymakers to serve the best interest of the people.  Every decision, policy and investment in our communities should first begin with the question, ‘Is this initiative going to make our community a better place to live and work today and in the future for the next generation?’. Our citizens should be able to live in a healthy and safe environment that is full of jobs and economic growth.

Together we can make our city, county, state, one of the top locations in the nation for great living, learning and innovation in business that attract the best people and entrepreneurs from across the nation.