How ?

Having always walked and listened to the people in the community, she has been able to understand the needs and concerns of the people. She will continue to reach out to the many communities. By crossing the invisible line that separates some leaders from the people they serve, her actions will align with the needs of our residents and business community. This listening, sharing and connecting with her neighbors reflects her grassroots approach to life that was taught by her father.  She will look at solutions and remedies from the perspective of the individual resident and small business owner that are often forgotten.   She believes that the individuals in our city like the children, small shop owners and seniors should sometimes be first in our thoughts. She believes in bringing together our entire business community to expand our economic opportunities and share one goal and one vision.

Move from bad to good, better to best.

Her voice will echo the concerns of the people.  She is committed to improving our economic outlook by supporting efforts that encourage small business growth and provide resources for congested traffic, safer roads, educating our youth, expanding job opportunities for our families.  Yes, she believes that the resources exist in each communities, where we create healthy environments, attract more job creators, and guide our young people to greatness in education and innovation.   Together we can make our communities one of the most desired locations in the nation for good living, learning and innovation in business by making economic development a priority. We can create healthier cities in the nation to live, work and play.