Date: February 24, 2018

Time: 16.00 - 18.30

Location: Nazeera LLC Conference room, 6475 East Johns Crossing, Johns Creek, Georgia, 30097

Register to attend the Chai and Chat in Georgia on Saturday, February 24, 2018. The location is Nazeera LLC Conference room, 6475 East Johns Crossing, Johns Creek, Georgia 30097, on February 24 , 2018, from 4:00 – 6:30 pm. The event is open to the public. There is no cost to participate. The topic is “Managing Aging: Unexpecting the Expected “.
Below is additional information for your reference.

The proposed panel discussion at the Chai & Just Chat is designed to encourage discussion about topics affecting our aging population. The power of public dialogue between subject matter experts, seniors, gerontologists, elder care lawyers, case managers, caregivers and counselors will offer thoughts and wisdom on problems, issues and trends that are critical to understanding the changes faced by our aging society.

How old is old? Come listen to the testimonials by seniors who will illustrate points on and not limited to; alternative perspectives on chronological age,  perceptions & stereotypes, contributions to the society, staying healthy and saving money, technology, inter-generational relationships & challenges to retirement.

What’s in it for you:
After the Chai & Just Chat, it is anticipated that we will accomplish the following:
1 Find common ground for reinforcing successful, collaborative strategies and developing strong and confident seniors and caregivers
2. Get perspectives from seniors, asking questions and what works
3. Insights to help shift attitudes and behaviors to create positive and strong inter-generational relationships and initiating difficult conversations that are positive and understanding.

Findings, conclusions and action plans resulting from our Chai & Just Chat will help promote broader understanding, forge common ground, to be non-judgmental, leverage available resources and make aware of the ongoing positive contributions of our aging population and caregivers. It will further us to understand the trends and improve eldercare.

Thank you for joining us for the Chai & Just Chat on Jan 20, 2018. It gave us an opportunity to discuss the relationships between adults and adolescents and room for improvement. The expert panel shared insights that helped shift attitudes, and long held assumptions.

Thank you panelists and participants.

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Some of the themes that echoed that evening included
  • Forge common ground between a diverse group of participants and helped gain perspectives from learning about various experiences and drawing comfort as we all face similar struggles.
  • Respect between adults and teenagers goes both ways and to realize when probing becomes  intrusiveness. As adolescents start experimenting on many aspects and define identities, it is important for adults in their lives to not just understand them but pursue the balance on setting boundaries and tough love.
  • Positive communication and interactions can help balance these relationships and help teenagers develop in to strong, connected and confident people. Such positive communication brings balance and helps address conflicts / differences towards positive lasting interactions and hence caring does not feel like intrusion.
  • Consider public forums within communities that promote honest conversations between teenagers and adults. Adults need not just focus on keeping teens from negative behaviors but rather support healthy risk taking behaviors in positive settings. Ways to reduce screening time was discussed. Parents have to be role models for teenagers first.
  • Mental health is an important component and needs to be discussed. Understanding and being aware of differences in mental health issues among teenagers can increase the likelihood of seeking help if needed. Ways to fight stigma by improving mental health literacy. Cyber bullying policies in schools and other resources available to address bullying.
  • Being street smart is as important or more than being academic smart. Developing youth leadership skills, and being prepared financially and equal importance to health & wellness
  • Open dialogue and conversations about sexual education and health between young people and their parents is encouraged. Such communication starters can be around current happenings in the news.
As adults or teenagers, we owe each other respect and mutual understanding: to share what is sensitive and hard for us, to listen carefully to what we hear, and to put ourselves in each other’s shoes.
Findings, conclusions and action plans resulting from our Chai & Just Chat has resulted in the creation of a resource list with professional volunteers who are willing to answer questions in the following fields
  1. Mentorship
  2. Financial independence
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Setting up a small business
  5. Parent support group
  6. Training / workshop / internship needs for high school students
  7. Safety inside and outside of home
  8. Cyberbullying prevention resources
  9. Addictive behaviors prevention