10 in 60 in collaborating with Union City government

– Transition from life on the street to independent living

A pilot project transitioning people experiencing homelessness to stable independent living. 10 people experiencing homelessness in 60 days to independent living.

Our vision for this project is that, with support, we will lead by example in delivering effective engagement on eliminating homelessness in Union City. Homelessness is a critical issue for our community and an important campaigning area for government and the business community. This will be a unique partnership between business, homeless agencies and the Government. We aim to break the cycle of poverty by helping homeless people to gain and sustain employment.

The partnership can inspire, engage, support and challenge the employers focusing on four areas: Community, Environment, Marketplace and Workplace. We will directly work local homeless population / organizations to identify people who are ‘ready for work’ but might confidence or skills and/or have been out of the workplace for a long time. Those people are then matched to a buddy who will support a placement with a local business.

Some of the research findings show 1. Clients are motivated to work, with financial rewards rarely being the primary motivation but frequently acting as the deal breaker. 2. Fears of debt and further homelessness act as a significant barrier to employment. 3. Government assisted housing and conditions are not always conducive to employment. 4. The first few months in work are financially very difficult and often socially isolating for homeless individuals.

Benefits for Government
Show success of this pilot project to establish the impact on homeless population Support for the transition into work through a Buddy support approach.
Introduce work buddies to support people to settle in during the first few weeks of work.
Helping homeless people sustain employment.

Project Logistics
Number – 10 people experiencing homelessness
Gender – Male / Female
Age range – Teens to 55+
Status – Unemployed for more than 6 months
Motivated, articulate
Businesses – Medical, dental, job trainer, clothing, rental, faith institutions
Coaches / buddy – 10
Time range – October 1 – November 30, 2017
Video / documentary – Process documented.
Areas of focus: Employability and employment Housing that supports a return to work Supportive basic need sponsorships not trap Solutions to emotional issues